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  • They are new to us, but we switched to them for all of our needs with our dog. Great people to work with and thanks.

    Ted Reisenauer

  • What a fantastic first visit to the vet, even in the time of Covid. We moved to the area last August and have needed a new vet for a check up. They’re currently using the curbside service, and I wasn’t sure what to expect but everything went smoothly. Even my anxiety-ridden dog happily trotted away with the vet tech while I stayed in the car and played on my phone. The entire team was friendly and response to every question of concern I expressed (and I had about seven million questions). They patiently explained what they saw with our dogs, how to best support the dogs, and any next steps or things to watch out for. I’m so thankful we had such an incredible experience, and my pups were happy after what would normally have been a very stressful experience. While I was writing this review, one of the staff called to see how the dogs are doing after their vaccinations. I love the attention to detail, follow-up, and friendliness of the entire staff. I would definitely recommend them!

    Rebecca Eaton

  • 4.6 Google Rating