September 2017 Pet of the Month!

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Pet of the Month September

Meet Celeste and Simone! 

Celeste and Simone are two of the sweetest dogs around! These pups were rescued off the streets, they were found together nursing a litter of five puppies in the streets of California, when they were rescued Simone only weighed 38lbs and Celeste 42lbs. they were brought up to Spokane where the were fostered and brought back to health. They ended up finding their forever home when their owners saw them and decided to adopt them at Spokanimal. Since bringing them home, Celeste and Simone have been two bundles of love. Their favorite places to hang out are on the couch, on the bed and in the backyard. Simone has gotten the nickname of “Peanut” since she is so slender and dainty, and Celeste has acquired the nickname “Meatball” since she is just all muscle.  Their owners say they are always so happy, wagging their tails and following them around the house. Here at Regal we absolutely love and look forward to seeing these two, they are the sweetest girls EVER and are always covering us in love and kisses! We are so glad these girls found their furrrever home with their new mom & dad who love and care so much about them!