October 2017 Pet of the Month!

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Pet of the Month


Meet Jazzi! 

Meet Jazzi! Jazzi is an adorable 6 week old kitten who was recently adopted by her mom and dad from a family in Rockford. She was named after the lion in the movie “Second Hand Lions”, one of her owner’s favorite movies. Jazzi is so tiny, which makes it even funnier that her favorite spot to hang out at home is the big dog bed from Costco. She also loves to play with the dog’s toys which are almost as big as she is, how cute! A very special thing about Jazzi is that she has made a big difference in the life of their family’s dog, Jessie. Jessie is 8 years old, and his mom just passed away recently. They had lived together his entire life, so he became very depressed and wasn’t eating much. After bringing home Jazzi, Jessie was so excited! He snapped back into his normal self and they have become the best of friends! She has truly been a blessing to the entire family! Jazzi came in to Regal Vet Clinic last week and stole our hearts; she is just the cutest, sweetest kitten ever!