March 2017 Pet of the Month!

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Our beloved Vinnie!


This month’s pet of the month is in remembrance of a dog very close to our hearts here at Regal Vet Clinic; she was one of the most compassionate, sweet, adoring dogs ever. We are so lucky to have had the chance to know her and help take care of her.

Vinnie’s owner received her from a woman who had both of Vinnie’s parents. When she first saw baby Vinnie she was only 6 weeks old, and it was love at first sight! She took her home that day, and that’s when their journey together started! One thing Billie noticed right from the very start is that Vinnie had a very gentle soul; their personalities were perfect for each other, a true match made in heaven! Vinnie was named after her owner’s favorite artist, Vincent Van Gough. She had many nicknames including Vinners, Vinnie Baby, and Vinose… so cute! Something funny her owner noticed about her is that at times she was very particular about what she did and didn’t want to do, many times while out on walks she would “put on her breaks” if she didn’t want to go a certain direction, and stay that way until they turned around. She also really didn’t like going to the groomers so she would turn her back on her mom when they got home in protest. Vinnie’s favorite place to hang out was on her big comfy doggy bed in front of the TV, she even had a heated pad - what a lucky girl! Her second favorite place to hang out was in bed with her mom at bed time, she sure was a cuddle bug. Something very special that Vinnie was able to do during her life was live in Germany with her mom as well as travel back to visit there several times. Vinnie was such a good girl, she would ride on the plane in her carrier and she wouldn’t make a peep, she didn’t seem to mind it one bit! Everyone in Germany thought Vinnie was so adorable. Overall, Vinnie was the most loyal, kind, and loving friend anyone could ask for. She left paw prints on her owner’s heart, and the memories they shared will live on forever.