June 2017 Pet of the Month!

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June Pet of the Month 

Meet Leo!

This handsome boy was adopted by his family in 2010 from Scraps. The shelter had an overabundance of kittens at that time so they put on a two-day "waive the adoption fee" event.  His mom went to the shelter hoping to find an orange tabby.  After looking in dozens of enclosures and not seeing a single one, she got to the last one and saw Leo! They I couldn't take him home right away as he needed to be neutered.  On the day he was released, his mom picked up the kids from school and told them that they needed to "run an errand."  They groaned, figuring it was going to take them to do something boring like grocery shopping.  They had no idea what was up until the technician at the vet's office came into the lobby holding a cardboard cat carrier and announced our last name.  They were ecstatic!  After considering many names, they settled on Leo because it seemed appropriate for a lion-colored cat. They soon discovered that he was as fierce as a lion, demonstrating his predatory skills on catnip mice and random bugs that dared to enter the house.

During the day one of Leo’s favorite places to hang out is on his mom’s desk in the home office.  He tries to lie down on her laptop, which is particularly helpful when she is trying to write an email or teach an online class.  He also likes to sit on the kids' dressers and bat on the outside of their fish tanks as a way to remind the fish inside that he's watching them.  Now that they have a second cat in the household Grayson, Leo spends at least part of each day trying to train his younger counterpart:  "Oldest cat eats first."  "It is not OK for you to chase me up the stairs before I've had breakfast."  "That's my toy."  "The Roomba is your enemy."

Last summer, Leo’s mom made the tactical error of attempting to plant catnip in the backyard herb garden.  She realized it was a big mistake when she looked outside and saw Leo rolling on the freshly transplanted herbs, wiping out the basil and mint in his impaired state.  She quickly dug out the catnip and put it in a pot that she could hang out of his reach.  Both he and Grayson love the fresh catnip leaves, so every year I make sure to plant one ... in a hanging pot.

Here at Regal we have come to love Leo so very much! We spent a lot of time with him recently, taking care of him and giving him love as he was sick. He had gotten so sick that his family thought they might lose him! They were so devastated to consider their household without Leo. Luckily we were able to help him recover, Leo’s family wrote: “We're grateful for the care he received at Regal Vet and are happy to report that he's back to work now, helping me in my office, training his pesky younger sibling, and supervising this year's catnip production.”