July 2017 Pet of the Month!

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Pet of the Month July

Meet Sir Barkley!

                        Barkley is a 7 month old boxer who is a very friendly, wiggly and (sometimes) mischievous pup! His owner got him through Angie McAdoo at Moon Creek boxers. In Barkley’s free time he likes to hang out with his sister Lola, and he also likes to hang out on the back of the couch to watch out the window. One of his favorite places to go is the next door neighbor's house, where he gets to play with the people and cats and gets to eat popsicles. Barkley and his sister Lola get along so well, he has been a great addition to their little family and to the whole neighborhood too. When his owner went to see Barkley for the first time, she had a few names picked out, but when she saw him, Sir Barkley just popped into her head! They don't really use the Sir, unless he has done something wrong… like when he destroys the blinds, which he has done a total of 3 times now! Two pairs were actually accidental, he fell through them as a young pup trying to reach the window; but the last set he chewed through because he heard his owner at the neighbor's house, and he couldn't see her, so he decided he needed to chew through them so he could have her in sight. Another day, his owner had brought some groceries home including a 6 pack of beer. She set them on the floor, went into the kitchen, and when she returned to check on him a minute later, he had already chewed through a can of beer!! What a silly boy! Barkley also loves taking walks, but they always require a stop at the local corner store, where he is smothered with attention! He also loves going to the vet for the same reason. We always look forward to when Sir Barkley comes in to visit us at Regal, we love giving him lots of love and kisses! Last time he was in to be neutered, we all got a kick out of how goofy he was acting when he was coming out of sedation, we couldn’t help but take a picture of him too (see photos on right of collage).