April 2017 Pet of the Month!

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April Pet of the Month

Meet Jefferson!

This handsome cat is a 7 ½ year old, 22 pound Maine Coon; he was adopted by his parents from a breeder in Yakima in 2009. His mom and dad named him after one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson is a smart boy, his parents say that he is the most intelligent cat they have every owned! In his free time, Jefferson loves to hang out on the living room couch; he likes to keep an eye on everything from there and also dozes off from time to time. When not lounging, he loves to roam the house and carry around his little toy mouse, and on occasion they have caught Jefferson crawling into the dryer full of warm clothes in attempt to take a nap – sounds like a very cozy spot! Jefferson is such a handsome and friendly boy, everyone at Regal Vet Clinic always look forward to seeing him at his next appointment!

 (He is just too cute... look at that beautiful coat!)